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Introduction/Explanation for the site:

Finding myself totally unable to find the website that i was looking for, and initial confidence that it must be out there having died long since, i have decided to stop grumbling about it and put it up myself, or at least, as much of it as i can get together and have time to do.

In more detail, i was looking for a website that told one how to travel ecologically, i.e. by train or by ship, to anywhere in the world, including Australia. And the information is very hard to find. Despite all the ecological griping against aeroplanes, no one has put this information on one site. I naively believed i would find a site that would allow one to book a ship or train&ship to say, Oz, all on the one site, with a few clicks of a button. It does not exist (or if it does, and i have simply failed to find it, i mean no offence, and they need to work on their search engine position (says she!)). Nor, i hasten to add, will this site provide such a wonderful one-click service. However, it will give any fellow would-be eco-traveller all the information and links that i come across in my own search, and by bringing them together, will, i hope, make it easy for people to book such eco-friendly travel.

I will also include ways of using the dear old aeroplane without doing too much damage to the planet, and other ecologically friendly tips - energy saving, free ways to help people, plants and animals, eco jobs, eco holidays... and so on. Apologies if it appears something of a hodge podge. I'll try to make the menu nice and clear!


NB: This site is in the process of being built. There's lots of content now, most pages have some so i will soon stop updating this paragraph (updated 12/05/07).

The Legal Bit:  The EcoKnight site and its Webmaster (hereafter EcoKnight) accept no liability for any of the information or products mentioned on this site or for the result of their use. We do not vouch for the information/products accuracy or safety. All information and links are subject to change at any time and EcoKnight hereby states that we are under no obligation to keep them updated at all times (although we try...). I think you get the idea, this is the bit where i cover myself from any absurd lawsuits about coffee being too hot or too cold and paintstrippers failing to warn one that they are not hairdryers...